Stone careMarmolove is nature that takes form and creates beautiful and elegant objects to cuddle and love your most beloved environments. We hope that this same love will also be transmitted in the care of your purchased objects.

All objects by Marmolove originate from genuine stone and each of them are therefore a natural product, for this reason you may notice tiny holes, crevices, or nicks, all details which will remind you that the stone blocks come from the earth, and testify to their being 100% natural. No two pieces will be alike, each will have its own veining or colour hues, precisely what makes each object marvellously unique. The products are all handmade in our laboratories in Finale Ligure, using natural stone and therefore may present slight differences from the indicated dimensions. These products are NOT to be used for heating foods or soups in conventional or microwave ovens, and must NOT be washed in the dishwasher. 

Marble care


All products are in natural stone, which is porous, and therefore special care should be made to ensure that no liquids such as wine, lemon, vinegar, oil, fruit juice, or alcohol remain soaking for a long time over the natural stone, otherwise the natural stone could be damaged. If these products are utilised in the bathroom, pay special attention to creams, lotions or perfumes containing oily or acid substances, which could also cause damage to the product. Should the object become stained, you may remove the spot using Marseille soap and hot water, and if this does not remove the stain, we do not recommend attempting other do-it-yourself remedies.

You need not worry if the object gets stained, small signs will add character and life to your product and will not prevent you from continuing to use it, but will, rather, give it a “broken-in” touch, an effect which, in  natural stone, is a distinctive trait. None of the products in natural stone are intended to be washed in dishwasher but must be hand-washed. To keep the products clean, only neutral detergents and hot water should be used, the product must not be rubbed with abrasive sponges but with soft ones in order to avoid scratching it. After washing it with care, the product should be dried with a cotton cloth, do not worry if the colour should present alterations (becoming slightly darker), since the products are made in natural stone, the water absorbed during washing will need to dry completely and the product, in a short time, will return to its original colour.

Slate care


If, after having used the slate product(s) several times, they turn slightly lighter and you wish to freshen the intense black colour or make the faint lines appearing after using the object less visible, you may use a cotton cloth with some olive oil, allowing the oil to seep through, then removing the excess oil and waiting until it dries, after which the slate will return to its original colour.

We recommend using olive oil and not other types of chemical colourants specific for slate, as olive oil will allow the subsequent use of the product for containing food products without the risk of poisoning, which may occur after using chemical colourants.

For everyday cleansing of Ligurian slate, you may also apply a do-it-yourself solution composed of the following ingredients:  warm water mixed with alcohol (denatured ethyl alcohol) and bicarbonate and, if necessary, a few drops of Marseille liquid soap; immerse a sponge in the solution and then gently wipe the surface. Pay attention not to exceed the dosage, since excess product may stain the slate! The correct dosage is: one teaspoon of bicarbonate and a quarter glass of alcohol for each litre of water.

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